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Action Cutting & Coring Inc. Provides the Following Services:

Concrete Core Drilling: Cutting 1" to 18" diameter perfectly round core holes for electrical, plumbing or vents in concrete floors and foundations. Concrete core drilling or "coring" is the process of drilling perfectly round holes through concrete walls, floors and other concrete structures. Concrete core drilling is the most commonly recognized use of any diamond concrete cutting tool. Concrete core drills or "core rigs" can be operated in any orientation, vertical, horizontal and even upside down thru concrete ceilings. A concrete core drill bit consists of a steel tube with diamond segments brazed or laser welded on the drilling end. The core bits are mounted on the rotating shaft of various types of concrete core drilling machines. Most concrete core drills are connected to a stand that is secured to a wall or floor with a concrete anchor and a bolt but there are also concrete core drills that use vacuum pressure to attach to a floor.

Concrete Slab Sawing: Cutting and dicing concrete floors, concrete walkways, concrete patios or concrete pool decks for easy removal and/or neat patching. All forms of concrete foundations are cut with diamond blades used by concrete cutters. Concrete cutting and/or sawing is a more controlled process than using a jack hammer. Slab is a type of foundation consisting of a structural concrete slab poured directly on the grade. No accessible space exists in slab construction.

Concrete Wall Sawing: Cutting and/or enlarging door, window and bulkhead openings in concrete foundations.

Interior Trenching: Cutting trenches in concrete floors for plumbing, electrical, sump pumps, French drains or other utilities.

Jack Hammer Service: Breaking concrete into manageable pieces for easy removal.

Cutting and Removal: We cut and remove concrete, stone or masonry walls, floors, walkways, patios and stairs.